Enacting a green cleaning program involves using environmentally safe products and procedures to effectively clean in a way that protects health without harming the environment.

There are many reasons to implement a green cleaning program at your school. Here are a few from the Healthy Schools Campaign.

Green cleaning helps students stay healthy and ready to learn.

13,800,000: The number of school days missed each year because of asthma, which is often exacerbated by poor indoor air quality. Research shows a clear link between poor indoor air quality and sick students and staff, which leads to lower academic and occupational performance.

Green cleaning protects custodial staff.

6%: The percentage of school custodians injured on the job each year due to chemical exposures. Custodial staff are particularly susceptible to health problems from frequent exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals and unsafe equipment. Green cleaning products and techniques can reduce the risk of illness and injuries.

Green cleaning increases facility lifespan.

10-15 years: The expected useful lifespan of school carpeting. But constant wear and improper maintenance can lead school districts to spend unnecessarily to replace carpet and other materials. Proper maintenance, safer cleaning supplies and more efficient equipment can extend the longevity and durability of building materials.

Green cleaning preserves the environment.

23 million: The amount of tons of carbon emissions that could be saved if all U.S. schools started using energy efficient cleaning equipment. Green cleaning programs reduce impacts from production, use and transport of cleaning products and materials. This is an important component of any facility’s environmental footprint.

Green cleaning saves money.

$365,000: The amount one school district in New York has saved to date after its switch to a green cleaning program. While green chemicals used to cost more, in today’s market, costs are similar or in many cases even less than traditional products. And schools can really save when switching to equipment and processes that are more efficient and effective for your cleaning staff.