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Lead poisoning is still a problem for Indiana children. What is worse is that the health effects are irreversible but the problem is preventable. If a child is not exposed to lead, then they do not get lead poisoning. Even small amounts of lead can cause learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and decreased intelligence; speech, language, and behavior problems; and IQ scores 4-7 points lower than their peers.

Most sources of lead exposure to children have been dramatically reduced. But we have a legacy that must be addressed - the legacy of deteriorating lead-based paint. And with 10-15 percent of children in some Indiana neighborhoods having elevated blood lead levels, the problem must be addressed. Most of IKE's work has been through the Lead-Safe Indiana Task Force, which it formed in September of 1999.

The most common causes are lead paint dust, lead paint chips, and lead in soil. Children can take in lead dust from renovations, come in contact with pealing lead paint or play in contaminated soil. Lead dust may be invisible, but only a tiny amount can be enough to poison a child.

Do you have a home built before 1978? If yes, you may have lead paint. It is important to keep it in good condition and take care when you renovate. Here are some repair and renovation pamphlets that explain your rights and responsibilities:

A Guide for Indiana Homeowners

Your Rights as an Indiana Renter

A Guide for Rental Property Owners

A Guide for Contractors Working on Older Homes


Protect your child from lead in soil.

It might surprise you to know that the most common cause of lead poisoning comes from lead contaminated soil. Lead concentrations are highest near house/building drip lines and close to the road. Following safe practices will greatly reduce your child’s exposure to lead. Here are some useful pamphlets:

Lead in Your Soil

Safe Gardening Practices

This video (in two parts), produced by WFYI Productions, tells the story of three Indiana families affected by lead poisoning. Thanks to the Indiana State Department of Health for sponsoring this video. Contact IKE if you'd like a copy of this video on DVD.