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The 2013 Improving Kids’ Environment Midwest Conference was a great success!


Thank you to all participants, our excellent speakers and especially our sponsors! In order to conserve resources we did not pass out paper copies of speaker presentations.


Below you can find a copy of the presentations our speakers agreed to make available to you.


Conference planning for the 2014 conference will soon be underway so if you have any suggestions or comments please email them to ike@ikecoalition.org. See you in 2014!



Mary Ann Suero - Healthy Schools: Good for the Children and Good for the School and Healthy School Assessments

Eric Kaufman - How to Safely Mange Everyday Chemicals

Lisa Cauldwell - Indoor Air Quality in Schools: What You Need to Know

Adam Krajicek - Why Schools Need Safe Chemical Management

Dr. Girish Vitapur - Children’s Health and Air Quality

Robin Costley - Mold: How it Affects Your Health

Marc Cizewski - Green Cleaning in Schools

Joan Ketterman - Planning on Remodeling Your Childcare? Lead and Other Remodeling Hazards

Dr. Margaret Huelsman - Healthy School Curricula

Dana Greenwood, Dr. Charlene Graves and Shawn Richards - Immunizations and the Impact of Not Immunizing

Calvin Davidson - Recycling in Your Child Care